Oh, taxes. The dreaded paperwork, sifting through receipts, and hopefully getting an actual refund. Lucky for those who hated math class, we at C&D actually enjoy poring over documents and adding up your income and expenses. Yes, we can do your personal taxes in time for tax day each year, but do you know all the additional services we offer? Having a CPA by your side year round can help you reach your financial goals without the extra stress. Here are the tax preparation services we specialize in at C&D.

Tax Return Compliance

Here at C&D, we offer tax preparation for individuals and fiduciaries, partnerships and corporate enterprises, and non-profit organizations. We also help out with preparing estate and gift taxes. Finally, we assist with property taxes, sales tax for your business, and with payroll tax.

Audit, Attest, & Accounting

Financial reporting is essential in any business. All that paperwork can be intimidating which is why we also offer financial statement preparation. In a compilation engagement, we will take charge of the balance sheets, income statements, retained earnings, and cash flow to ensure that everything is presented completely and correctly. We provide financial accounting services as a comprehensive tool to close your books for the year.

At C&D we also prepare audited and reviewed financial statements for your business. These statements are valuable to present to lenders, investors, and even customers for full transparency. These services provide assurance that accounting principles your company uses to comply with generally accepted accounting principles in the United States.

Our C&D CPAs will draw up all the essential financial reports that your company needs to run your business, start the lending process, and beyond.

Tax Planning

Do you need help organizing your finances? We offer tax assistance with estate planning, real estate transactions (including 1031 Exchange), and assist in entity structure and selection. The beauty of having a CPA working alongside you is having them navigate the many technicalities in the tax code, and lucky for you, that’s our expertise.

Business Consulting

Are you starting your own business? Congratulations! Just know that with a startup, a number of important decisions will need to be made regarding the entity and tax structure. But don’t get overwhelmed with the numbers; we offer all these tax preparation services and can help you focus on your business plan!

In addition to these core tax services, we at C&D offer tax help with vineyards and wineries, including budget planning, financial forecasts, operational analyses, forecasts, consulting, and more. We also specialize in real estate tax, organizing trusts and estates, and management services. Whatever your tax need, we as certified public accountants can help.

C&D | Experts in Tax Preparation Services

Here at C&D, we have an expert and compassionate team of CPAs and advisors who work with people from all sorts of industries. We are lucky to call California’s central coast home and know just how to manage the tax needs for our local community. Contact us to ask those burning tax questions, and let us guide you through your financial world.