Every filing season, a surge of new tax scams arrive as threats for taxpayers. Year after year, phishing emails and telephone scams get harder to pick out. The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) even recently issued a reminder to all taxpayers. Scammers are on the prowl. So how do you protect yourself when the dangers seem endless?

At C&D, we’re always looking out for our clients. We’ll keep you informed about the latest financial threats, so you know what to look for. As long as you’re alert and educated on the different tax scams that are out there, navigating these treacherous waters is something you’ll be ready for.


2019 Tax Scams


The SSN Hustle

One of this year’s recent tax scams is the SSN hustle. Scammers will call targeting a victim’s social security number (SSN). They may claim that they’ll either suspend or cancel the SSN due to tax issues. Often associated with the IRS impersonation scam, they may even mention overdue taxes. Canceling a person’s SSN could be their next threat.


Fake Tax Agency

This tax scam comes by mail. The letter claims to be from the “Bureau of Tax Enforcement,” a fake agency that doesn’t exist. It will threaten a victim with an IRS lien or levy due to “delinquent” taxes owed to the fake agency. The letter may also reference the IRS.


Sourcing Tax Scams


Phone Scams

If you’re hearing an automated robot speaking from the other line, there’s a good chance it’s a tax scam. The IRS doesn’t leave pre-recorded messages threatening actions or issuing warrants for your arrest. Tax scammers can also fake or “spoof” a caller ID number so that their exact call number is untraceable. Often, these calls will also spoof federal agencies and local IRS offices.


Email Phishing Scams

Did you get an email from the IRS requesting your personal financial information? It’s likely a phishing scam attempting to steal your identity. The IRS doesn’t contact taxpayers by email. If it’s something physical, they’ll only deliver mail via United States Postal Service.


Ask C&D

Ask C&D if you have any questions about tax scams. We’ll address any issue that may arrive and assist you with taking the proper actions needed. You shouldn’t spend life worrying about tax scams—that’s what we’re here for.