The purchase or sale of property can be a high-stakes endeavor.

Real Estate

We represent and advise individuals and businesses involved in real property transactions, ranging from business owners to real estate brokers, developers, and contractors.

Tax advisors you can trust.

Creatively structuring a real estate transaction is often the deciding factor that brings two parties to an agreement and effectively seals the deal. At C&D, our tax advisors are on top of the laws, rules, and regulations of California real estate. This allows us the freedom to structure a transaction to achieve optimum tax results, risk management, and asset protection to exceed your business goals so you can see results.

We do more than just taxes.

Over the years, we’ve seen clients who waited too long to hire a competent CPA and owed the IRS thousands of dollars in back taxes, penalties, and interest. Don’t just hire a tax preparer; hire an advisor. Our tax advisors strive to help you run an organized, efficient business by advising you in important business decisions, providing extensive financial analysis, and ultimately saving you money.

Clever tax strategies.

Our tax advisors provide comprehensive management advisory services on merger and acquisition transactions, succession planning and tax planning. By working closely with you, we gain a deep understanding of your business and objectives. This knowledge enables us to provide valuable advice when you are faced with critical financial decisions.

C&D tax advisors

Our tax advisors have helped businesses acquire and sell properties with clever tax strategies.

50 years strong.

The key to long-term success in real estate is the ability to contain costs, minimize taxes, capitalize on opportunities, secure financing, diversify, and effectively manage your cash flow and growth. Over our 50 years in the market, our tax advisors have helped businesses acquire and sell properties with clever tax strategies so you can see the highest return on your investment.

Real Estate Services

No matter what your real estate needs are, C&D is here to help you. Common services include analysis and evaluation of:

Tax aspects of sales of business properties

1031 tax-deferred exchanges

Residential rental property investments

Commercial property investments

Buy-sell alternatives

Financing options

Real estate brokers and developers

Accounting for investment properties

Financial and tax reporting for construction accounting

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