Payroll and Employee Benefits Information

Compliance with the legal and reporting requirements of payroll, payroll taxes, and employee benefits has become increasingly complex. The rules and regulations are strictly enforced by a variety of taxing and regulatory authorities. It is important you understand the requirements that apply to your specific business situation. Please review the attached PDF document for more information and if you have any questions please feel free to contact us.

2023-2024 Tax Planning Guide

When thinking about your 2024 planning, don’t count on the tax regime remaining the same indefinitely. In other words, the only certainty in tax planning is uncertainty.
What does this all mean? Tax planning in 2024 is as important as ever. This guide provides an overview of some key tax provisions you need to be aware of and offers a variety of strategies for minimizing your taxes. But there isn’t space to touch on all of the available tax-savings opportunities. So please contact our office to learn exactly which strategies will work best for you.

Records Retention Schedule

Just how long do you need to keep canceled checks, tax returns and countless other scraps of paper tucked away in various places? This schedule lists the most common documents and the length of time you need to keep them.

IRS Forms & Publications

The official source of IRS tax products. This website provides methods to access and acquire both electronic and print media. Basic and advanced search capabilities for published products are also available.

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