There will come a time in your life when you need a personal Certified Public Accountant. Whether you’re starting your own business, have multiple investments, or just need a guiding hand with the ever-changing tax laws, having a CPA by your side will take the stress off doing your taxes on your own. Many corporations and investment brokerages give you the option to use one of their own in-house CPAs but there is value in choosing a local accounting firm.

C&D is an accounting firm in Solvang, California. A growing, expert team of CPAs and advisors are ready to serve California Central Coast individuals and business owners with all their tax needs. Each team member specializes in a different field and we are ready to help with core CPA services like tax return compliance, tax planning, what to do if audited by the IRS, and how to start a business. The C&D team specializes in local industries including vineyards and wineries, a valuable specialty in the Solvang, California wine country. Finally, C&D can help with estates and trusts, real estate, and will even cover the managerial services of your business like invoicing and payroll.

Having a CPA sitting next to you who cares about more than just the numbers makes all the difference. The CPAs at C&D will help you get the most return on your taxes but they will also be a valuable advisor, confidant, and even friend. These are traits that you can’t get by chatting with a CPA through TurboTax. A local CPA will work with your schedule and will know the ins and outs of your finances. Money can be a sensitive and personal subject; planning financial objectives will be much easier with a CPA partner you trust.

C&D | Your Local Accounting Firm in Solvang, California

A local accounting firm concentrates on the local market, and will know how to navigate issues better than an out-of-area provider. You’ll be improving your local economy by choosing an accounting firm in Solvang like C&D. Meet the team at C&D and see how choosing a local accounting firm can help you reach your financial goals faster and more efficiently.