How lucky you are to own, or operate, a winery! What grapes are you passionate about? Which kinds of wine does your winery specialize in? Sparkling? Pinots? Not that it matters; all winemakers arguably have the best jobs on earth, usually in some of the most beautiful parts of the country. While you may be passionate about what you do, a winery is still a business. You can make it a lucrative one if you have all your bases covered, like your accounting. If this is something your winery may be struggling with, C&D specializes in winery accounting and is ready to help.

Bookkeeping services specific to the wine, beer, and spirits industry are a specialized skill since not all accounting firms are experts in this field. C&D has operated in California’s Santa Ynez Valley for over 50 years and, like wine, we have only improved with age. We specialize in agriculture accounting with our current and past clients, which include over 50 vineyards and wineries. Our CPAs have held CFO positions for several of our winery clients, and have experience in multiple positions in the industry. Wineries make for an exciting business, as they are first an agricultural venture. Next comes the actual winemaking, then they become a consumer trade to allow for wine sales, and then there’s distribution. There are a lot of moving parts when it comes to winery accounting. As a result, many vineyards and wineries could use the extra number crunching help.

Here are the winery accounting services we offer at C&D:

  • Business and operational analysis
  • Financial forecast
  • Budgets and planning
  • Vineyard cost accounting
  • Winery cost accounting
  • Strategic and tactical consulting
  • Cash flow forecasts and analysis
  • Tax planning
  • Audits, compilations, and reviews


C&D | Winery Accounting


At C&D, we strive to be your partners, not just your accountants. Therefore, we care about the success of your business and your financial goals. Half of a century of experience in the wine industry makes our CPAs more than qualified to do your winery accounting. Schedule a consultation to see how we can help your business be successful.