In today’s day and age, cybersecurity threats are a real danger. New scams and schemes threaten our financial livelihoods every day. How are your trusted tax professionals developing their data protection? And what does that mean for you?

At C&D, we take data security seriously. Instilling core strategies that protect your data from tax scams and fraud, it’s important to us that we tell you how we do it. 


Data Protection in the Modern Age


With all the other management services C&D offers, we’re always looking at how we can evolve. We consider where we’ve been, where we are, and where we’re going. Unfortunately, when it comes to taxes, the industry is trending towards a future of constant cybersecurity threats. 

How we develop our data protection plan is essential for keeping our clients’ data safe. After all, you are entrusting us with your money. Not to mention, protecting taxpayer information is also the law. So here are some of the steps we take to ensure you can trust C&D with your finances:


  • Ensure that your data is never left unsecured on hardware or media
  • Securely dispose of taxpayer information when no longer needed
  • Dual factor sign-in authentication
  • Require strong passwords on all computers and software programs
  • Change passwords every 60-90 days
  • Store taxpayer data in secure and encrypted systems
  • Encrypt emails holding taxpayer data
  • Provide up-to-date training to all staff members 
  • Enact an information security plan that immediately notifies taxpayers of any data breach or theft


With these basic security measures, we’ll have you covered. But here’s where we go the extra mile to protect your data. 


Additional Steps We Take: 


  • Assess the risk and potential impact of unauthorized access
  • Prevent improper or unauthorized modification or destruction of information
  • Provide reliable and timely data recovery


C&D Has You Covered


At C&D, it’s all about ensuring your trust in us. When it comes to your money and your data, our integrated security plans provide thorough strategies and checklists that keep your information protected. Contact C&D today and you can rest assured that you’re prepared for any cybersecurity threat that comes your way.