Data Security

The internet has dramatically enhanced our ability to communicate, share and store information, and connect with our clients and colleagues. These new technologies bring new capabilities, and with new capabilities comes an increased risk of data breaches.

At C&D we take data privacy and information security as fundamental components of how we conduct our business. We are committed to protecting the personal data and information of all our clients.

We believe an essential component of our firm is maintaining client privacy with a robust security and information system.

What you can do to protect your information:

• Make sure your computer’s operating system is up to date.
If you’re using Windows operating system go to Microsoft’s website and look for operating system updates
If you’re using Apple’s operating system go to Apple’s website and look for operating system updates
• Security Software Protect your computer by downloading security software and keep it current
• Monitor your accounts looking for unusual or fraudulent activity
• Contact us immediately if you suspect fraud and/or any ‘phishing’ emails or calls from tax agencies
• Protect your mobile devices, do not connect to wi-fi hotspots to conduct any financial or sensitive transactions online

How C&D protects your information:

• ShareFile a secure file sync and data share system
• Client Portal
• Dual factor authentication server access that requires both a password and a physical device. This basically eliminates any threats of hacking our data and our clients data.
• Continuous offsite server replication
• Daily cloud based backup
• Mimecast antivirus and email protection
• A secure URL guarantees encryption, data integrity, and authentication.

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